What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.23 by Meow Meow

What's your favorite thing of all time?

今回の「What’s your favorite thing of all time?」は7月に来日を控えているオランダのブレイクコア・アーティスト「Meow Meow」が登場!

Sociopath、Turn It Off、 Unjustified、Otherman recordsといったネットレーベルからハイテンションでレイブ色の強いダンサンブルなブレイクコアをリリースしている期待のニュージェネレーション「Meow Meow」が影響を受けた作品を10作選んで教えてくれました。彼のサウンドのコアな部分が垣間見れる興味深いチャートとなっております。

7月にはMeow Meowの初来日公演が東京と大阪で開催されますので、新種のブレイクコア・サウンドを体感されたい方は是非足を運んでみてください!


Meow Meow

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Fuck, it’s hard to make a top 10 list about that… The following list came up to my mind considering these play a big role in my inspiration to produce music, drawings and other arts. And oh yeah, I love cats. ^-^

Aphex Twin – XMD 5A

When I started collecting vinyl and stumbled upon some Aphex Twin records I could not believe my ears. It brought me into whole new world of (electronic) music. What I love about this song in particular is the raw melancholic sound and the weird vibe. Especially the transition at 4:40 is really intense… One of the sounds I never get tired of.

Kid606 – Ecstasy Motherfucker

Very big motivator to experiment more and more with producing. Different blends of very comfortable electronic styles thrown through eachother blending into acid-tekno-amen vomit, with a kick underneath.

FFF – War is in the dance

I loved FFF’s tunes for quite a while and noticed he was playing nearby in Holland. Saw him play, loved his SICK tunes, and after he was done playing he went into the crowd to see the next performance. Now that’s the spirit isn’t it?!

weyheyhey !! – That’s Breakcore

Well… It’s true. I went totally berserk when I heard his style for the first time. So much detail and also manages to keep in the flow perfectly. AND on top that he also shares some of his DAW files so other people can look into how he does it.

Ely Muff – Hold Tite The P No Need For London

HA. What a lovely mess this tune is. Good reminder to just do whatever the FUCK you want to do.

Zone 33 – dubstek

Oh hardtek. And wobbles. And spacey vibes. I love how 4×4 can still have a lot of different flavours.

Dat Politics – This way

This goes way back to when I just started making music. Lovely, glitchy, weird… This IS the way!

Passenger of Shit – Love (feat. Blue Pony)

I love this contrast of totally insane fucked up versus quite optimistic stuff…

Ilkae – You’re a slow one little bear

…but I also like drifting away in this atmospheric glitchy ocean.

Vhs head – kincaid

Some really weird chopped up adventures for your brain. Especially the galaxy it shoots you into from 1:30.

Meow Meow 来日スケジュール

7/17(日) 東京/Heavy Sick Zero

7/23(土) 大阪/Triangle