What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.6 by SA†AN

What's your favorite thing of all time?





What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.6 by SA†AN
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1. Adrian von Ziegler – Dark Ritual

This one inspires me every time when I listen to it. So deep and emotional. Anrian Von Ziegler : Across Acheron – 音楽

2. Cradle Of Filth – Carmilla’s Masque.

I’ve never heard before such a good symbiosis of music and weeping. クレイドル・オブ・フィルス : ダスク・アンド・ハー・エンブレイス – 音楽

3. Marilyn Manson – If I Was Your Vampire

This song just reminds me some beautiful moments from my life in past… Marilyn Manson : Eat Me Drink Me – 音楽

4. Mind Control Society – Dark Symphony

For me this is one of the best hardcore tracks which I’ve ever heard.

5. Prokofiev – Dance of the Knights

Musical genius at his best. A lot of feelings which impossible to describe with words.

6. Mozart – Lacrimosa

Perfect requiem as it should be.

7. Here Comes The Kraken – Nu Beginning

This band has a lot of surprises, but this one just settled in my mind. Hate Greed & Death [Explicit]: Here Comes The Kraken: デジタルミュージック

8. Slipknot – People =Shit

The song which doesn’t need any comments. Everything is inside of it. Slipknot : Iowa – 音楽

9. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

First time I’ve heard this song when I was a schoolboy. And still love it. Beastie Boys : Hello Nasty – 音楽

10. Tricky feat. Martina Topley Bird – Makes me wanna die.

Really good one. It makes me to relax from the outside mad world.
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