Who is your favorite Drummer? PT.2

Who is your favorite Drummer?

先月から新たに始まったドラマー達に影響を受けたドラマーを紹介して貰うチャート企画、「Who is your favorite Drummer?」の第二弾はHeavy Core Electroユニット、[trap]のドラマーであり、現在はTwisted Love名義でも活動しているハイブリッド・ドラマー「Merlin Ettore」のチャートを公開!


この機会に是非、Merlin Ettoreとチャートで紹介されているドラマー達の作品も是非チェックしてみてください!


Merlin Ettore (Twisted Love,[trap])


Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson)

My mentor and master of hybrid drumming. Not to mention one of the most solid and taste full drummers out there. This guy definitely opened my eyes to the integration of electronic and acoustic percussion instruments. He materialized what i did not even dare to dream as a young drummer. Also, he has more wisdom in the pupil of his eye than most of modern drummers combined. Great player, great human being, one of my biggest influence and inspirations to this day.
highlight of my drumming career so far —> https://www.facebook.com/merlin.ettore/videos/10153035718988692/

Joey Baron (John Zorn, Naked City, Masada & more)

I was already a Zorn fan when i discovered Joey Baron. I got into Zorn through the Naked City project. What was striking to me about Naked City was the whole musical universe more than the specific drum parts Baron is playing on there. I really got struck by Joey Baron on Zorn’s Masada album “6”. Was the 1st time i heard a modern/contemporary extreme hard bop drummer. Blew my mind, so melodic, so fast, so powerfull !! I consumed this album, was on loop for a few months strictly for the drums.

Art Blakey (Messenger)

In this scene, while everyone was about Buddy Rich, I was all about Art Blakey.. My grandfather Remi Ettore (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voSUs8jHhSQ) hooked me on this drummer. I remember the way Remi introduced me to Blakey’s work, he said : We white people can practice how much we want, but we will never be able to groove and play like niggers. Art is an animal, no holds barred, brutal raw groove.. truly a force of nature.
–> R.I.P Remi Ettore homage: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=remi%20ettore )

Terry Bozzio (megalomaniac)

Terry pushed the drumming/gear perversion to a whole other level… love it, hate it, can’t ignore it & can’t live without.

Jojo Mayer (Nerve)

Jojo bridged old and new like a boss. The level of excitement was off the charts when this guy first came up with Nerve. I was never really into his techniques / teachings more than his musicality.. Also a great guy, gave me some cool insight and tips about drum endorsement ethics. I like to compare him to a butterfly on drums.

Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

Best metal drummer ever hands down for me. Melodic, straightforward, technical, powerful, groovy. Strict minimum, 100% efficiency, serves the music, blows your fucking mind all across the fucking room.

these guys should also be on this list:

Yoshida Tatsuya

Morgen Agren


Fav new school drummers:

Ilan Rubin (NIN)

Chris Coleman (independent)

Mark Guiliana (independent)