What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.8 by Hallucinator

What's your favorite thing of all time?


HallucinatorはLuca Lodi (Nk)とSimone Sighinolfi (Sygo ex S.M.O.K.E.)の二人によって2007年に結成。

ハードコアテクノやダブステップ、メタルコア的な要素をミックスした激ラウドなドラムンベースやクロスブリードを作っており、Yellow Stripe Recordings、PRSPCTといった、ハードコア・ドラムンベースのトップレーベルから作品をリリースしています。

5月には待望のファースト・アルバム「The New World Disorder」のリリースを控えており、

What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.8 by Hallucinator


1. David Sylvian – Waterfront

Love almost everything this artist did, the perfect combination between music and poetry with it’s good dose of darkness.

Amazon.co.jp: Waterfront (2003 – Remaster): David Sylvian: デジタルミュージック

2. Alice in Chains – Rain when I die

Just picked a random track from their album “Dirt”, which we consider a whole masterpiece.

Amazon.co.jp: Alice in Chains : Dirt – 音楽

3. Korn – Clown

With this album Korn and producer Ross Robinson changed the face of metal forever, and this particular track has an unbeatable groove.

Amazon.co.jp: Korn : Korn – 音楽

4. Public Enemy – She Watch Channel Zero

First time a mix of Rap and Metal worked really well together and with a sample from Slayer’s “Angel of Death”.

Amazon.co.jp: Public Enemy : It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back – 音楽

5. Portishead – Only You

Like all of their work. Their first two albums are just perfect.

Amazon.co.jp: Portishead : Portishead – 音楽

6. Bad Company – The Nine

It made us want to make dnb.

7. Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

It’s pure dark magic.

8. Moshpit – Hope Less

A truly underestimated band which merged hardcore punk with dnb and speedcore.
Their album “Follow the Loser” is probably one of the most innovative in the last years.

Amazon.co.jp: Follow The Loser [Explicit]: Moshpit: デジタルミュージック

9. Depeche Mode – The Love Thieves

A band that needs no introduction as, since the ’80, their unique sound has been an influence for many.

Amazon.co.jp: Depeche Mode : Ultra – 音楽

10. Diamanda Galas – Sono L’Anticristo

A truly scary use of vocals. A dark star. The voice of demonic possession.

Amazon.co.jp: Diamanda Galas : Plague Mass – 音楽