What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.19 by DJIPE

What's your favorite thing of all time?

The Third Movement、Deathchant、Noisj.nl、Murder Channel、Peace Offといったハードコア系レーベルからリリースを重ね、今まさに世界中のアンダーグラウンドなエクストリーム・ミュージック好きから注目されているアーティストの一人。

DJIPEの作り出す楽曲はUKハードコア、クロスブリード、インダストリアル・ハードコアにオールドスクールなスカルステップやブレイクコアの要素を重ね合わせ、メタルやヒップホップなどのサンプルを巧みに使った凄まじい破壊力を持ったトラックを制作しています。DJ Hazard、Sub Focus、Noisiaといったドラムンベース・アーティストの楽曲をハードコアにマッシュアップしたトラックも非常に人気が高く、ジャンルを超えて様々なDJ達に使われています。


What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.19 by DJIPE
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1. Tool – Parabola

Tool is by far my #1 band. this all time top 10 would consist completeley out of tool tracks, but that would be boring to read. I don’t have a favorite tool track but Parabola is definitely in my Tool top 10.
Tool : Lateralus

2. The Mars volta – Cicatriz ESP

The Mars Volta’s albums is just one big psychedelic twisted (bad) trip for me. this track from the album de-loused in the comatorium (one of the best albums ever made for me) is one of my favorites. it’s really worth checking out the context of their albums. it adds alot to the (depressing) atmosphere in this example.
The Mars Volta : De-Loused in the Comatorium

3. Karnivool – Change pt 1 and 2

Karnivool is one of the most underrated bands in my opinion. Amazingly talented bunch of artists. and their live-sound is sometimes even better then CD. almost their tracks are sick but here is one of the best imo.

4. Lustmord – Black star

The king of dark-ambient. floating in astral space.

5. Radiohead – Idioteque

Can’t have a top 10 without radiohead right?
Radiohead : Kid a 

6. System Of A Down – Forest

More of a guilty pleasure. but the energy and catchyness of almost all their tracks are sick.
System Of A Down : Toxicity

7. Gojira – Explosia

for sure one the best metal bands from the last couple of years.
Gojira : L’enfant Sauvage

8. Colour Haze – Love

I don’t know much about this band, but years ago i found this track, and it is pure sex.
Colour Haze : Colour Haze

9. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Un Buitre Amable Me Pico

Because i love omar.
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez : Solar Gambling

10. Ruby my dear – Spleen

STAND UP LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING MAN. Ruby my dear is a total boss
Ruby My Dear : Form


Void Settler – Nightfall deceit.

Nightfall Deceit: Void Settler