What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.13 by DEV79

What's your favorite thing of all time?

今回の「What’s your favorite thing of all time?」は、GHzがオープン当初から激オシしているUSのベースミュージック・レーベル「SECLUSIASIS」のレーベル・オーナーにしてアーティストの「DEV79」のチャートを公開!



今回のチャートは、DEV79がリリースした3DサングラスにDLコードが付いた異色の作品である「Bullets Like Come Remix EP」の発売を記念して、特別に3D作品のトップ10をお披露目!



Dev79 / Bullets Like Come Remix EP



What’s your favorite thing of all time? PT.13 by DEV79
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Dev79 Top 10 Things in 3-D
I’ve always thought anaglyph 3-D was cool, from when I was a kid and it was the only way and up until now when we got all kinds of new high tech shit. Even without the glasses I think the red/blue look is attractive. So heres my list of a bunch of different 3-D things that I’ve been into throughout life.

1 –  Jaws 3D – movie/merch
This is probably one of the earliest memories I have of 3-D, if not the actual first. They did a good job branding with various merch, I feel like I had the playing cards before I even saw the film.

2 – The Revenge of the Creature – TV movie
Monster b-movie would come on every few months and you had to go to a 7-11 convenience store ahead of time and buy a Slurpee to get the glasses. I specifically remember nagging my Dad to take me to the store and get them, ha.

3 – Rad Racer – Nintendo game
Riding around and getting it. In 3-D on Nintendo. You know what it is.

4 – Todosantos – Acid Girlzzz EP – 12” vinyl
A cool short lived Philly label released this record from Venezuela’s Todosantos and it had a 3-D cover and came with 3-D glasses and of course the music was heat.

5 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – movie
Ok this one is modern RealD 3D and damn it was pretty dope. Fucking slew of apes everywhere, definitely a good theatre experience.

6 – Batman 3D – comic books.
Shit, Batman is a G straight up but the bat shaped glasses and 3D action really set it off.

7 – Virtuality – arcade game station.
I remember this mega arcade called “Exhilarama” that had these 3D virtual reality games that were pricey but real next level for the time. They also had a Lazer Tag room.

8 – Various – 3-D music concerts
Best and worst idea ha. You can scan Youtube for shining moments from Metallica, Elvis, Muse and many others strutting around in red/blue.

9 – GI*Joe 3-D – comic books
Well GI*Joe anything was a staple of my youth so I can’t leave em out.

10 – Pinups Magazine
Now I’ve never actually seen this before, randomly came across it when doing some 3-D Google searches. But I found it interesting as a testament to how popular anaglyph was back in the day.